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Joint Military Committee 5 + 5 member confirms Turkey's welcome to remove mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya.

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 Tripoli, 4 December (2021) A member of the Libyan Joint Military Committee (5 + 5), Lieutenant-General Faraj Al Sawsa said that Turkey welcomed a request from the Military Committee regarding the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya, according to the established plan that requires the withdrawal of all mercenaries and foreign forces in order to achieve the principle of national sovereignty, conditioning on a simultaneous exit by all parties.

In an interview published by the Russian Sputnik news agency Al-Sawsa said: “talks were held with the Turkish side regarding the implementation of the decisions of the Berlin Conference and the ceasefire agreement, and the consequent withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya.”

Al-Sawsa explained that "Turkey welcomed this request in order to achieve the principle of national sovereignty, which cannot be compromised, provided that the withdrawal by the two parties is parallel and simultaneous."

He pointed out that the military committee will go to Moscow for the same request, in accordance with the Security Council resolutions that support the decisions of the joint military committee, provided that the simultaneous withdrawal will be under the supervision of international and local observers).