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The National Oil Corporation announces the state of force majeure on the port of Zueitina, and warns of the effects of the closures at the time of the surge in oil and gas prices, with expansion.

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Tripoli, April 18, 2022 AD (WAL) - The National Oil Corporation issued warnings of the negative effects and losses that would be inflicted on the oil and energy sector in particular, and in Libya in general. This led to (The consequences of being drawn into calls that do not serve the interests of the country and the citizen, and calling for the importance of neutralizing the oil sector, avoiding the political conflicts taking place in the country, and benefiting from the current oil price boom).

And the warnings published on the Corporation’s page via the international information network stated that: (After the forced closure that affected Al-Feel oil field last night, the workers in the Zueitina, Mellitah, Sarir and Gulf companies were forced on Sunday, April 17, 2022, to a comprehensive and gradual halt to production that included the following fields and production units

First: Stopping the production of crude oil in the fields of Abu Al-Tifl, Al-Intisar, Al-Nakhla, and Al-Nafoura produced through Zueitina.

Second: The production of gas and condensate from the Abu Atfal Gas Plant has stopped.

Third: The production of the injection plant in the 103 field of the Zueitina Company has stopped.

Fourth: The production of the gas plant in Zueitina port has stopped, and thus the production of cooking gas has stopped.

Fifth: Electricity production in Zueitina and North Benghazi stations will be partially affected, in addition to the lack of condensate, which will lead to a shortage of cooking gas supplies to the eastern region.

For this reason, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, stressed the necessity of declaring a state of force majeure on the Zueitina oil port, including all fields and production units associated with this port and shipping facilities, until further notice.