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Interior Minister: Obstructing the security plan to protect the elections threatens national security and undermines the entire electoral process.

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Tripoli, November 30, 2021 (and) - Interior Minister Major General Khaled Mazen warned that continuing to obstruct the security plan designed to protect the electoral process and the expansion of violations and attacks will lead to damage to the entire process and failure to adhere to it on time.

In a joint press conference with the Minister of Justice, Halima Ibrahim, this evening, which was followed by the Libyan News Agency, Mazen stressed that the continuation of these violations and attacks will lead to the deterioration of the security situation, which threatens national security and the safety of the country and people.

Mazen explained that the Ministries of Interior and Justice followed up with great concern the expansion of security breaches after the start of the electoral process in the country, which threatens its integrity and its continuation in a conditional security manner.

The Minister of Interior stated that the two ministries had received a number of complaints from different parties, which affects the integrity of the electoral process and the integrity of its procedures and hampers the process of securing it.

"Mazen" said that it is no longer acceptable to proceed in the electoral process normally, after the committee formed in Sebha Court apologized again today for considering the appeals in light of the security chaos due to urgent factors that threatened the security plan in place.

In this regard, the Minister of Interior referred to the statement of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers regarding the incident of the attack on the Sebha Courts Complex, in which he assigned the Ministries of Interior and Justice to investigate the circumstances.

He stressed that the attacks in the electoral processes were not a result of today, pointing out that in the past a number of frictions and pressures were exerted on the cadres of the Ministry of the Interior and its affiliated institutions, but they affected restraint and media de-escalation in compliance with the discourse of the national unity government, which tries, as much as possible, to accommodate and calm down and push towards The success of the electoral process.

"Mazen" cited the incident of seizing equipment and techniques for securing elections in the city of Ajdabiya that were on their way to its warehouses for distribution to the centers, in addition to the direct threats that occurred to a number of security officials who had attended a training course for the elections in Tripoli.

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