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Education Ministry launches a digital education platform with the French government support.

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Tripoli, November 29, 2023 (LANA) - On Wednesday, the Ministry of Education launched the (Ta) platform for interactive digital learning in '6' public schools as part of the digital educational project (Raqimoon) implemented by the France Experts Foundation with funding from the French government.

The first phase of the educational platform project will be launched next December in six schools in the cities of: Tripoli, Sebha, Benghazi, Misrata, Zliten, and Janzour, to teach computer subject to the seventh grade of basic education as a pilot project in the aforementioned schools.

The Ministry of Education said that the program includes training two teachers from the six schools included in the first phase of the project for a period of two weeks on the skills of the new digital curriculum and taking advantage of the platform’s features to provide an improved educational experience for their students, in addition to a number of the ministry’s employees to ensure the sustainability of the initiative.

For her part, Sara Ben Lameen, communications officer at Experts France, which is implementing the project, said that the digital education program aims to support Libya for digital transformation by diversifying the labor market and focusing on the economy and technical knowledge.

The platform aims to provide an easy-to-use digital tool that is consistent with basic education curricula in Libya, to become a model that can be replicated in more schools and curricula for the purpose of developing the student’s technical skills and creating digitally equipped future generations throughout Libya.