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The Minister of Culture emphasizes the role of cultural diplomacy in achieving global peace and stability.

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Baku, May 02, 2024 (LANA) - Minister of Culture and Cognitive Development, Mabrouka Toggi, stressed the role of cultural diplomacy in achieving global peace and stability and strengthening relations between countries, considering that culture constitutes an important bridge that connects peoples, enhances mutual understanding, and contributes significantly to achieving peace and peaceful coexistence.

This came during the participation of the Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development yesterday evening, Wednesday, in the Ministerial Conference of the Sixth Global Forum for Dialogue between Cultures, in the city of Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the Ministry of Culture, “Toggi” said in her speech at the forum’s ministerial conference that by promoting cultural exchange and enhancing mutual understanding between different cultures, we can build foundations for cooperation and positive interaction between countries, which contributes to strengthening global peace and stability ... calling for supporting and strengthening cultural diplomacy as an effective tool to promote dialogue and achieving world peace.

  She pointed out the importance of the presence of hundreds of intellectuals representing many countries and international organizations, as well as a crowd of ministries, parliamentarians, cultural and media figures, and that they all have the responsibility of producing important results in this forum that provide humanity with what they contribute to moving it from the reality of conflict and war to dialogue, cooperation, acquaintance, and joint work to serve all.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the sixth session of the Global Forum for Intercultural Dialogue began in the capital of Azerbaijan (Baku), under the slogan “Dialogue for Peace and Global Security: Cooperation and Interdependence,” with the participation of high-level representatives from 110 countries.