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NSG Minister of Health underlines that budget delay impacted medical supplies.

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Tripoli, 05.05.2015(Lana) NSG Minister of Health, Ali Abusada revealed that budget delay and bad management of the health sector by the previous governments, besides marginalization of Pharmacy Department lead to deterioration of the health sector and problems facing the ministry. In a statement to the government website, he said the ministry is facing many problems including lack of clear pharmaceutical vision and policies in ordering medical needs and burdening the Supplies Body- being the authority responsible for importation of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Abusada formed a crisis committee for the eastern part of the country to provide medicine in coordination with medical Supplies Body, and indeed several shipments were made available and distributed to hospitals and health centers at that area. On his part, Khalid Shatiwi head of Medical Supplies Body said the main problem facing importation was not approving a budget for 2014 pointing out that the body is working to overcome the problem soon. =Lana=