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Supreme Defense Council sends condolences to families of betrayed Third force members and promises to arrest assailants Tripoli, 25.

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01.2015 (Lana) GNS Supreme Defense Council has expressed its sorrow at the murder of five third force soldiers assigned to secure the south, at false check point south of Abunjeim. The council said in a statement Sunday, a false check point at an agriculture project south of Abunjem region stopped the five soldiers and took them to a nearby area where they were shot at close range after they bonded and tortured them. The council expressed condolences to families of the betrayed Third Force members and promised to arrest the assailants. In a statement, the council said its sources confirm that people loyal to former regime were involved in this crime. Preliminary investigations indicate that such groups try to delude passersby that they belong to the so-called Islamic State organization which security agencies found no presence in the country, the statement added. Third Force units are currently combing the area to pursue these groups, arrest them and present them to justice, the statement said. This group has coordination with Hafter forces which shelled today Third force positions at Jufra air base slightly injuring two of its members, it added. =Lana=