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A Med Air company delegation visits Meatiga Airport.

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 Tripoli, June 12, 2024  (LANA) - A delegation from Med Air, a company specialized in assessing risks that threaten civil aviation security, visited Meatiga International Airport yesterday, Tuesday, to evaluate the risks, security threats, and procedures followed at the airport.

 The company delegation had participated in a workshop to discuss ways to update the database related to restrictions imposed on civil aviation movement in Libyan airspace, which was held on Monday in the capital, Tripoli, to learn about the latest developments in the field of aviation security in Libya and plans and programs for developing the civil aviation sector.

 The company's team will evaluate its visit to Meatiga International Airport, to determine the extent to which security measures comply with international rules and regulations, ensure arrangements for protecting civil air traffic from external threats, and meet with specialists from the relevant agencies and authorities.

 It is expected that the results of this visit will contribute to reconsidering and amending previous announcements issued regarding banning and restricting air traffic in Libyan airspace, which will contribute to increasing the rate of international airlines returning to operate their flights to Libya.