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Al-Koni concludes his visit to South Korea after participating in the Africa-Korea summit.

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Seoul, June 6, 2024 (LANA) - Representative in the Presidential Council, Moussa Al-Koni, yesterday, Wednesday, concluded his visit to South Korea after participating in the African-Korean summit held in the capital, Seoul, headed by Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol, and with the participation of the President of the African Union and leaders and heads of government of African countries, and a representative of the African Development Bank.

Al-Koni held meetings with the Prime Minister of South Korea and a number of African presidents, during which he discussed the issues of the African continent and the outcomes of the summit that will contribute to achieving development and investment in Africa.

It is noteworthy that the summit, which was held under the slogan “The Future We Create Together... Sharing Growth, Sustainability and Solidarity,” aims to strengthen the partnership between the Republic of South Korea and the countries of the African continent, and activate joint action.