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The activities of the eighth conference for postgraduate students kicks-off at Sabha University.

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   Sabha, May 25, 2024 (LANA) - The activities of the eighth conference for postgraduate students at the university for the year (2024) were launched at the Language Center at Sabha University, this Saturday morning, in the presence of the university’s president, Dr. Masoud Al-Raqiq, the university’s deputy for scientific affairs, the head of the conference’s scientific committee, Dr. Musa Abdul Rahman.

The conference aims to consolidate and disseminate the culture of scientific research among postgraduate students. It confirms the postgraduate administration’s keenness to support scientific research projects, publish their scientific research, increase interest in the level of the education system, raise the level of postgraduate programs at the university, and build bridges of cooperation and exchange of experiences between postgraduate students at home a abroad.

  The conference discusses; “the themes of the human sciences applied and engineering sciences, and basic sciences, and contributions submitted by graduate students at the university, including research papers, research plans, research results, and scientific posters, in which participants address many topics within the framework of these themes to come up with recommendations that benefit graduate students.”