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Paris preparing to host a controversial conference on Sudan on Monday.

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Paris, April 13, 2024 (LANA) - The concerned authorities in the French government, in cooperation with Germany and the European Union, have begun to make the necessary arrangements to hold a conference on Sudan the day after tomorrow, Monday, April 15, despite the Sudanese Foreign Ministry’s objection to this conference.

Although the Sudanese Foreign Ministry’s expression in a statement saying: ( It expresses its deep astonishment and condemnation that this conference was held on an issue related to Sudan, the independent and sovereign state and a member of the United Nations, without consultation or coordination with its government and without its participation, and that this is unacceptable and a dangerous precedent in international relations).

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Shindi Othman, head of the independent international fact-finding mission on Sudan, said in a report recently published by the United Nations on Facebook: (It is time for the destructive war in Sudan to stop, and the warring parties must put an immediate end to all acts of violence, including; Sexual and gender-based violence, and holding perpetrators of gross human rights violations accountable for their actions.

Othman Shendi added: “The warring parties in Sudan are legally obligated to protect civilians, but they have not shown a serious commitment in this regard. We are now investigating disturbing reports of repeated attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and schools.”

The fact-finding mission also referred to reports of attacks on aid convoys, in clear violation of international humanitarian law.