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Ministry of Local Government and Municipal Council of Zuwara agree on preparations for launch of electoral process in municipality.

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 Tripoli, January 31-2023 (Lana) - Ministry of Local Government of the Government of National Unity and the Zuwara Municipal Council have agreed to make all preparations for the launch of the electoral process in the municipality, based on what the Central Committee for Local Elections prepares in terms of logistical preparations to implement the electoral process as soon as possible.  

Ministry sources stated that Minister of Local Government, Badr Al-Din Al-Toumi discussed with the mayor, deputy and members of the municipal council of Zuwara the request of the municipal council to expedite the inclusion of the municipality in the electoral process and open the way for the people of the municipality to elect their municipal council due to the special situation that the municipality is going through according to the law and give them the opportunity to select a new board.

The meeting, held, Tuesday, at the Ministry's office, was attended by the head of the Central Committee for Local Elections, Adel Al-Ashhab.