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NOC supplies power stations with 140 million cubic feet of gas.

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Tripoli, 28 July, 2022 (lana) - The National Oil Corporation has continued its efforts to alleviate the power outage crisis by supplying gas to power stations, estimated at 140 million cubic feet per day.

The National Oil Corporation stated on its website: that the Abu Tefal field pumped the produced and processed gas from the field to the coast field of the Sirte Company through the Al-Intisar field 103 of the Zueitina Oil Company at an initial rate of 3.5 million cubic feet per hour.

Thus, the two power stations of Zueitina and North Benghazi will be supplied with gas and pumped until it reaches the normal rates, which are estimated at 140 million cubic feet per day. Condensate pumping has also resumed from the Abu Tefal field to Al-Intisar field 103 and from there to the gas plant at Zueitina port.