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Libyan Coast Guard and Port Security Authority warns all foreign ships against fishing or entering the Libyan protected fishing zone.

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Tripoli, 9 May , 2021 (Lana) - The Libyan Coast Guard and Port Security Authority warned all foreign ships from fishing or entering the protected Libyan fishing zone, stressing that no foreign ship have the right to access or fish in it.

The warning came in a statement issued on the website of the Naval Staff Command's spokesman, following the accident that a crew member of an Italian fishing vessel was injured last Thursday, in the aforementioned protected Libyan fishing zone.

 The statement confirmed that the injury of the crew member of the Italian fishing vessel came as a result of colliding with the window of the ship that was inspected in the presence of an Italian military frigate, and not from the warning shots, as announced, in implementation of the Libyan sovereignty over this area of the Mediterranean waters.

  The agency said in the statement, "Such acts and penetrations are not the first time of their kind, and are repeated by Italian fishing vessels, and documented by the agency in audio and video."