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Security Bodies Detain Members of Gang Responsible for Inhumane Treatment of Migrants.

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24 January 2018(Lana) Security bodies have detained members of gang that appeared on a SMS video committing inhumane actions against illegal migrants in the area of Al Gadahiya south of Sirte. The Special Al Radaa 'deterrence' Force has said it managed to apprehend members of the group after it gathered information about the gang and in collaboration with the residents of the area. I t said it was able to locate their hideout in Al Gadahiya and arrest them. The operation was carried out with cooperation of the Sirte Central Security and the City's Protection Force, the Force said, indicating that 4 criminals involved in mistreatment of migrants as shown on the SMS video were detained. The Force revealed that the kidnapped were of Sudanese nationality who were seized for the purpose of seeking ransom from relatives in Sudan. The Presidency Council has issued strict instructions to track down and apprehend those involved in any act that undermine the dignity of migrants, and urged law-enforcement agencies to take all steps to investigate any violations and bring perpetrators to justice. =Lana=