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Water Supply From Man-Made River to Western Region to be Disrupted.

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Tripoli, 11 January 2017(Lana) The Al Hasawana-Sahl Al Jafara Man-made River network has announced that due to a leakage at Al Khoms station which forces the disruption of services to the western region, water supplies would regrettably be cut off for 5 days. The Man-made River Services said in a statement the disruption of water supplies on the eastern pipeline meant that there would be no water supply to most of cities and towns serviced by the eastern pipeline including the capital Tripoli. Maintenance teams have reduced the flow of water on the pipeline in preparation for fixing of the leakage, which could take five days, the statement said. However, maintenance teams last week repaired a leakage, thought to have been caused by sabotage work, on the station 426 on the middle pipeline feeding the Al Gabal Al Gharbi region. =Lana=