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A fire broke out in a palm-tree plantation in Hoon.

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 Al-Jofra, June 19, 2024  (LANA) - The director of the local Al-Jofra radio station, Mahmoud Al-Salmi, reported that a fire broke out in one of the farms in Al-Qusayr in the city of Hoon, and the winds that the city witnessed caused its rapid spread.

Al-Salmi told a Libyan News Agency correspondent, that the fire caused material damage to the farm and was extinguished in cooperation with one of the public agencies that dispatched a fire engine urgently, which reduced the damage that would have occurred due to the presence of three adjacent houses inhabited by large families.

 He pointed out that the fire is the third in a row in a short period that has been extinguished by citizens due to the presence of one fire engine based in Sokna, which moves from one area to another when emergency situations occur and the distance between the areas.