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Aguila reviews with Hammad the latest service and political developments in the country.

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Al-Qubba, 12 June 2024 (Lana) Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Aguila Saleh, reviewed yesterday with the Prime Minister of the Government assigned by the HoR, Osama Hammad, the latest service and political developments.

During the meeting held in Al-Qubba, Aguila briefed on the progress of the government's work, in addition to reconstruction projects funded by the government in a number of cities and regions and the launch of a number of reconstruction projects, in addition to reconstruction projects funded by the government and development projects during the PM's visit and the Director General of the Development and Reconstruction Fund to the south of the country and the cities of Sabha and Mirzuq.

Hammad also briefed Aguila on the government's support for basic commodities and imported sacrifices and the provision of serums and veterinary medicines to all livestock breeders in all regions to take care of the increase and preservation of livestock wealth, in addition to discussing the situation of withdrawing and faltering companies and the government’s support and disbursement of six months’ salaries to them and addressing their situation.

The Prime Minister also briefed Aguila on the effective solutions taken by the government regarding the ongoing outages in the electrical network, including issuing urgent instructions to provide spare parts and replace worn-out stations and transformers with new ones and forming an emergency committee to address the crisis in all regions.

At the conclusion, Aguila commended the positions and effectiveness of the PM in following up on all projects and reviewing the conditions of services provided to citizens.