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Two accused by bringing psychotropic substances into Libya via sea imprisoned.

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Tripoli, May 25, 2024 (LANA) - The Public Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of two defendants in a gang formation who introduced psychotropic substances and alcoholic drinks to Libya via sea.

The Public Prosecutor's Office stated on Saturday, that the judicial officer in the Office of Combating Terrorism and Subversive Activities - Central Region, have received information about a gang formation that aimed to bring psychotropic substances and intoxicants into the country for the purpose of promoting them. Explaining that the investigations led to the arrest of two people red-handed in transporting one million and seven hundred mind-altering pills and possessing four hundred and sixty-six bottles of alcoholic beverages.

The office added that the investigator ordered the provisional detention of the accused, and the prosecution of the rest of those involved in the act and to take measures to determine the identity of shareholders in the Republics of Greece and Malta.