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Embassy of Libya in the Netherlands welcomes the binding decision of the ICJ regarding the cessation of the military offensive in Rafah.

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Amsterdam, May 25, 2024 (Lana) The Libyan Embassy in the Netherlands welcomed yesterday the binding decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding the cessation of the military offensive and the opening of its crossing to humanitarian aid.

The statement called for an emphasis on previous measures towards the occupation and the imposition of new measures whose implementation would ensure a practical ceasefire in the entire Gaza Strip.

The statement also called for preserving evidence and facilitating the work of international investigation committees in charge of genocide to boost the work of the International Criminal Court and its decisions in particular.

The embassy stated that The Hague confirmed this week that it is a symbol of justice, peace, and humanity and enhances faith and confidence in international institutions, conventions, and laws.

It added that the court’s jurisdiction to adjudicate cases between fully recognized states, as well as the court’s commitment to make its decision binding and not object to it in the Security Council, explains to us the very advanced ruling in favor of the just humanitarian Palestinian cause.