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"I am honored to return to Libya and support the Libyan people in achieving their aspirations," Koury says.

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Tripoli May 21, 2024 (Lana) UN Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-Council, Stephanie Koury, affirmed Libya's special status, especially after she had previously worked in the mission.

Koury said in a video published in a tweet by her, "I am honored to return to Libya and support the Libyan people in achieving their aspirations for peace, stability, and democracy."

"Libya, with its rich and diverse social fabric, holds a special place in my heart, and this fact will motivate me to deliver the mandate the Libyans expect from the UN," she said.

"Until a New Special Representative is appointed, we at the UNSMIL, remain committed to supporting Libyans in preventing the country from sliding to further division, violence, and resource depletion, through facilitating an inclusive political process led and owned by the Libyans themselves, including women, youth and other components. Commitment also extends to supporting the holding of comprehensive free and fair national elections, restoring the legitimacy of Libyan institutions," Koury stated.

"UNSMIL will continue to support a comprehensive national reconciliation process with all our partner, and work with Libyans for the full sustainable implementation of the ceasefire agreement, addressing the proliferation of weapons, and improving the human rights situation and the rule of law," she added.

"The Libyan people have endured enough hardship, they have suffered from a lack of stability, and development, today, they face dire living conditions. It's time to end this suffering , let us unite our efforts for the sake of Libya's unity, sovereignty, stability, and prosperity," she said.