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Dismantling a bag prepared for detonation in Zawiya.

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Zawiya, May 03, 2024  (LANA) - The Criminal Investigation Service announced the dismantling of a bag prepared for bombing in the Sabriya area in the city of Al-Zawiya yesterday, Thursday.

The agency reported that it had received a report from the Sabriya Police Station about the presence of a bag suspected of being booby-trapped. Members of the Security Inspection and Explosives Dismantling Office of the (Western) Criminal Investigation Department branch immediately moved to the location.

  According to the agency, it became clear after preliminary examinations that the bag was booby-trapped and prepared to explode, indicating that the members of the office began the procedures for dealing with it and the process of dismantling it and transporting it in a safe manner until it was destroyed in accordance with the approved procedures and standards.