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A meeting in Sirt to follow up on infringements on the water supply lines of the Manmade River.

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  Sirt, April 19, 2024 (LANA) - The expanded meeting held at the Sirt Municipal Office on Thursday focused on following up on violations of the water supply lines at the sites affiliated with the Sirt Manmade River Authority, as well as the water supply lines and paths for the residential neighborhoods in the Al-Thalatin, Al-Qubayba, and Al-Sawawa regions.

The meeting included the mayor of Sirt Municipality, Mukhtar Al-Madani, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Manmade River Project Implementation and Management Agency, Saad Abu Matari, the Chairman of the Management Committee of the Water Investment Authority for the First Phase of the Man-Made River Water in the Central Region, Shuaib bin Sharada, and directors of departments in the Authority.

The media official in the Sirt municipality, told LANA's correspondent, that the meeting discussed encroachments on water supply lines (illegal connections) and on lands belonging to the Industrial River Water Investment Authority in the central Sirt region and finding appropriate solutions to them in coordination between various agencies and institutions.