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Bathily says during his resignation announcement: Libya is on the path towards losing its sovereignty.

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New York, April 17, 2024 (Lana) The resigned UN envoy, Abdoulaye Bathily, attributed what he described as the deterioration of the situation in Libya during the past months to two main factors: the lack of political will and good faith among the main Libyan actors and the emerging international and regional dynamics.

During the press conference in which he announced his resignation, Bathily considered that Libya had become a playground for fierce rivalry, given the presence of a continuous stampede towards Libya on its lands used as military confrontations by various actors, as well as the use of Libyan and other security forces in political conflicts within the country.

Bathily noted that UNSMIL cannot move successfully to support the political process in the face of leaders who put their personal interests above the country’s needs.

According to Bathily, Libya is increasingly on the path towards losing its sovereignty, despite UNSMIL's attempt to avoid this situation.

“We needed the support of all international and regional parties to achieve meaningful results, but unfortunately, against the backdrop of this evolving crisis, we witnessed parallel paths taken by various foreign parties, which undermined the efforts of the UN,” he added.

Bathily highlighted that as this situation continues, there will be no solution in the future, although public opinion in Libya, political parties, civil society organizations, women, and tribal leaders are all eager to see an end to this crisis.

He explained that there is no democracy in Libya on the horizon, especially since the economic situation is getting worse, because Libya has become a source of external economic interference against the backdrop of mismanagement by the current leaders, who have no regard for the interests of the Libyan people, and thus the country is sliding more and more into chaos.