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Medical Supply in Tripoli receives a shipment of acquired immunodeficiency medications.

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Tripoli, April 10, 2024 (LANA) - The stores of the General Administration of the Medical Supply System in Tripoli received a shipment of acquired immunodeficiency medications, manufactured by Hetero, the largest producer of antiretroviral drugs in the world.

The Ministry of Health of the National Unity Government reported on Tuesday: Receiving the shipment comes as a culmination of the Ministry’s efforts to address the state’s public tender file, which has been suspended since 2009, with the follow-up of Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Health Ramadan Abu Jannah, in a way that ensures the provision of high-quality medicine and the provision of pharmaceutical items according to the needs of the Libyan state.

The Ministry also indicated that the stores of the Medical Supply Authority in Tripoli had received a shipment of twenty-seven (27) forty-foot containers of dialysis machines supplied by the American company Baxter, arriving through the Tripoli seaport.

This shipment to supply dialysis centers and departments with their necessary operator needs, in accordance with the needs of the health sector referred through the competent departments of the Ministry of Health.