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Al-Koni meets with the head of the Libyan Authority for Scientific Research and elite Libyan experts and academics.

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Tripoli, February 12, 2024 (LANA) - Representative of the Presidential Council, Musa Al-Koni, met this Monday morning at the headquarters of the Libyan Authority for Scientific Research with an elite group of experts, Libyan academics, and directors of scientific research centers.

During the dialogue session attended by the Chairman of the Commission and a number of heads of Libyan universities, Al-Koni praised the pioneering and important role of academic institutions in building the modern Libya that all Libyans have been waiting for, he affirmed the Presidential Council’s support for the efforts of the Commission, whose programs would respond to the nation’s expectations and develop strategies to achieve sustainable development.

Al-Koni stressed the work to support the authority in coordination with the government, as it is a scientific reference that contributes to planning and drawing up future strategies for the country in all fields.

According to the media office of the Presidential Council, the head of the authority presented an overview of the authority, the tasks assigned to it, and the research centers distributed in all regions, to carry out scientific research in cooperation with universities, scientific academies, and relevant authorities.

  The office explained that the participants in the session reviewed the problems facing the scientific research movement in Libya, the nature of the global partnerships that research centers have with international centers, in accordance with many scientific agreements, and the successes achieved by the Commission during the past years according to the available capabilities, as well as the problems and difficulties that arise the work of the Commission and its affiliated research centers is hampered by weak budgets and lack of capabilities that hinder carrying out the tasks assigned to it.