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The American Embassy: (15.5) million dollars in aid to Libya after the floods that recently swept Derna and a number of neighboring areas.

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Tripoli, December 10, 2023 (LANA) - The American Embassy in Libya announced that the value of American humanitarian aid to Libya after the Mediterranean storm disaster that recently struck the city of Derna and a number of its neighboring areas has increased to (15.5) million dollars.

       The embassy said in a post on its account on the “X” platform that this aid is allocated to meet the basic needs of flood victims, noting that the United States stands alongside the residents of Derna and other Libyan communities that were affected by the storm.

The floods killed at least 4,352 people and displaced more than 43,000, according to data issued by the United Nations during the months following the flood. The Attorney General announced an investigation, while the Libyan authorities pledged to compensate the affected communities and rebuild.

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