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The Army Chief of Staff announces the implementation of the tactical exercise (Desert Warriors) with the participation of 10 European and Maghreb countries.

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Tarhuna, December 7, 2023 (LANA) - Assistant Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Salah al-Din al-Namroush, attended, Wednesday morning, the tactical exercise “Desert Warriors” for training on counter-terrorism, which was organized by the Chief of Staff of the Ground Forces in cooperation with the Counter-Terrorism Force.

The Military Engineering Department, the Intelligence Department, the 444th Combat Brigade, the Special Forces, and the Military Medicine Service participated in the exercise.

Experts and representatives of the “5+5 Defense” initiative countries (Algeria - Tunisia - Morocco - Italy - Malta - Spain - France) also participated in this exercise, as observers.

The exercises were attended by the commanders of military regions, the heads of the specific staffs and bodies, the directors of departments, the commanders of brigades and military units, a number of officers and non-commissioned officers from the Libyan army, and a number of military attaches of friendly countries.

The exercise aims to implement a hypothesis that simulates the risks and threats expected from terrorist groups, as well as planning and training to develop the skills of assigned individuals, raise the level of readiness of the participating units, and become familiar with the extent of coordination and cooperation between the participating units for rapid response.

It also contributes to exchanging experiences, enhancing capabilities and regional cooperation in the field of combating terrorism, enhancing and developing military and security capabilities, and extracting lessons learned to reach best practices and desired results.