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Al-Koni invites the European Parliamentary Group for Relations with the Maghreb to visit Libya.

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Brussels, December 6, 2023 (LANA) - Representative of the Presidential Council, Moussa Al-Koni, met today, Wednesday, with the parliamentary group for Arab Maghreb affairs, headed by Slovenian Matejaz Nemec, at the conclusion of his visit to the European Union.

Al-Koni considered that his meeting with this group was of special importance because Libya chairs the Arab Maghreb Union, noting that he participated in the recent BRICS summit in South Africa and defended the importance of supporting this particular region in accordance with the various threats it faces.

Al-Koni added, saying: “We expect this group in the European Parliament to give Libya direct attention and support, as difficulties have piled up on its shoulders, and it is trying to crawl towards democracy. Stability is nothing but what establishes the basic condition for the possibility of achieving elections, building the state, and thus controlling our borders, and combating illegal immigration, terrorism, and transcontinental crimes that worry Libya and the European Union.”

Al-Koni called on the parliamentary team to visit Libya and engage in direct dialogue with Libyan parliamentarians in order to jointly discuss issues of mechanisms for supporting stability and moving forward towards holding elections.

For his part, Matthias Nemec said that the parliamentary team is looking forward with interest to visiting Libya, and that they are in the process of preparing for a parliamentary delegation to visit Libya to meet Libyan parliamentarians to encourage them to continue calling for organizing elections and moving Libya towards stability and state building.

He added that this visit has double importance, especially since it is the first by a European parliamentary delegation in more than ten years, and it will give us the opportunity to dialogue and join hands with members of the Libyan parliament, and to send a strong message to Europe and the world that Libya has entered an important and reassuring phase of stability, which will motivate many partners to think about visiting Libya and dealing directly with the Libyans.

The European Parliamentarian considered that what is happening in Gaza regarding the attack on innocent civilians has disturbed the harmonious work within the European Parliament, pointing out that the positions of the European countries did not agree on condemning this aggression, which must stop immediately.

For his part, Al-Koni stressed that what is happening in Gaza in front of the world and the European Union without condemning it and working to stop it is something difficult to understand, calling for this aggression to stop without delay, and for the world to take the hands of civilians in Gaza and quickly come to their rescue.