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Start of the study course in the area of media for Libya for the year 2023 in Beijing.

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Beijing, December 2, 2023 (Lana): The study course in the area of media for Libya for the year 2023 started yesterday in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

The Libyan News Agency delegate to Beijing reported that the session, which is supervised by the International Administration of the Chinese Broadcasting Corporation, targets a delegation that includes 20 media professionals and journalists representing a number of governmental and private media institutions in Libya.

The Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television of China, “Yan Ni,” and the Director of the Foreign Media Department of the GNU Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Badr Shneba, and a number of Chinese journalists interested in international media affairs participated in the opening of the session sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In her remark, Yan Ni welcomed the Libyan media delegation, stressing that the work of this session, which will continue until December 12, is an opportunity to continue meetings and bilateral cooperation between the media of the two friendly countries.

Yan Ni stressed that her country was committed to continuing its bilateral cooperation with Libya in the area of transferring expertise and holding training courses for media professionals and journalists working in public and private governmental institutions in Libya.

For his part, Shneba said that the aim of participating in this session is the efforts of the Foreign Media Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to build cooperation bridges and rapprochement with Chinese media institutions and to benefit from their experiences to serve the common interests and issues of the peoples of the two countries.

Shneba highlighted the prominent and sensitive role played by the international media in achieving world peace.