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Martouba launch calls for help in burying the victims of Derna.

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Martouba, September 14, 2023 (LANA) - Yesterday, Wednesday, the people of the Martouba region launched an appeal to all parties and citizens to help them collect and bury the bodies that arrive successively from the city of Derna and other cities affected by the torrents caused by the Mediterranean storm.

Media activist Abu Bakr Al-Rifadi reported to the Libyan News Agency that the people of the Martouba and Umm Al-Razm area launched distress calls regarding the large number of bodies that arrived from Derna and other large numbers began to accumulate on the beaches of the coastal areas, turning Martouba into a field hospital, indicating that all relief teams are starting from the area to the cities affected by floods.

He explained, that the current situation in the Martouba area, where the victims are received, has deteriorated and requires intensified efforts and human support, despite the efforts of the Libyan Red Crescent and international and local rescue teams.

Al-Rafadi said that corpses washed up by the sea have begun to appear on the shores of the coastal areas adjacent to Derna, noting that the volunteers responsible for shrouding the bodies need more numbers and greater support to dig graves due to the arrival of bodies in large numbers.

He explained that the torrent waters caused the city of Derna to be divided into western and eastern halves, saying that aid goes to the western side, while the greatest damage is in the eastern half, which requires greater aid and efforts.

It should be noted that rescue teams counted 6,000 dead due to the torrents and floods caused by the Mediterranean storm, while the exact number of missing people is not yet known, amid expectations that the number of victims will rise.