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Houma: The unification of the military institution is the guarantor of the success of the elections

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Benghazi, March 27, 2023 (LANA) - The Minister of Defense in the Libyan government appointed by the House of Representatives, Ahmed Houma, welcomed the meeting of a number of Libyan army leaders from the east and west of the country in Tripoli, under the supervision of the 5 + 5 Military Committee and the auspices of the United Nations Mission in Libya.

Houma considered that this step is a continuation of previous steps over the past two years, with the aim of unifying the military and security institutions, describing the meeting as "the peace of the brave, and a departure from the wounds that exhausted the homeland, and almost destroyed its sovereignty and independence."

The minister called on all Libyans to turn to such steps and strengthen them, in order to reach unity, reunification and real national reconciliation.

And he stressed that the military institution, if unified, will be the guarantor of the success of any elections, as well as the acceptance of all parties to its results by the force of law and not by the force of violence and fighting.

Houma praised the efforts of the UN envoy, "Abdullah Batili", for Libya's exit from the crisis that has been pending in Libya for years, calling on everyone not to listen to any voices that would stir up strife among the Libyans.

  (LANA _ Benghazi)