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Ben Qadara confirms that the agreement signed with ENI is a legal agreement.

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Tripoli, January 28, 2023 (LANA) - The head of the National Oil Corporation, Farhat Ben Qadara, confirmed that the agreement signed with the Italian company ENI is a legal agreement.

Bin Qadara said, in response to a question by LANA's correspondent at the joint press conference with the head of ENI, "We work according to the law, and whoever considers that this procedure is illegal appeals to the judiciary, and it is the one who decides whether this is legal or illegal."

He added that this work that we are doing is legal and in line with the required steps, starting from the negotiation team appointed by the National Oil Corporation to the approval of the Council of Ministers by voting, indicating that a group of ministers were present and voted with approval, saying that this is the government that exists and is internationally recognized in the world.