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Al-Manfi calls for the Lake Chad countries to play a greater role in the security of Libya's southern borders.

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Abuja, November 29, 2022 (LANA) - The President of the Presidential Council, Muhammad al-Manfi, called for the countries of the Lake Chad region to play a greater role in the security of Libya's southern borders and reduce the threats to its stability in a way that serves the democratic transition and ends the unstable transitional stages in it, as they are part of this system.

In his speech at the 16th session of the Lake Chad Basin Commission in Abuja, Nigeria, today, Tuesday, Al-Manfi affirmed that the Presidential Council still gives great confidence to the African Union to contribute seriously and effectively to reach comprehensive reconciliation in the country, which is the first building block in building a fair and transparent democratic system that the Libyan people  and all political parties in the State of Libya accept, in order to get the country out of the state of political blockage and the difficult security and economic conditions left by this situation.

The President of the Presidential Council said, “I renew my country’s firm position on the need for international organizations and countries affected by migration and cross-border crime to assume their responsibilities and fulfill their obligations to the countries and organizations of our region to limit these phenomena that are destructive to our societies and the societies of countries of arrival on the other side of the Mediterranean.”

Al-Manfi stressed that attempts to stop immigration and terrorism with security and military solutions alone will not work, but rather will make the matter worse, and that as long as the peoples of the African continent do not live in security and prosperity, the sea will not stand in the way of those aspiring to get out of the suffering of the people of this affected region of the world.

He added that the challenges facing us in the Lake Chad basin region are great challenges, calling for the localization of technology and advanced agricultural programs to benefit from the waters of Lake Chad to achieve the highest economic return from the pastoral and agricultural sectors, calling in this field to engage in international programs provided by international organizations and donor countries to reach to this goal.