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In testimonies to Lana: Residents of Jallo express their displeasure at the heavy spread of hydrogen sulfide gas in the city.

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Jallo, 21 September 2022 (Lana) Residents of Jallo have expressed their discontent and concerns about the dangers of environmental pollution and the emission of gases caused by the burning of oil well products in the fields in the region on the public health of the population.

A number of citizens revealed to the correspondent of the Libyan News Agency a heavy spread of suffocating gases in the region, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas, caused by the burning of oil well products in neighboring fields and the resulting pollution in the air, climate change and damage to groundwater, which has become a nightmare that endanger the lives of Jallo residents and deprives them even of sleep in a clean environment.

In their testimonies, the residents expressed their deep anger at what happened on Wednesday morning namely of the unpleasant odors, suffocation and shortness of breath which the resident had to endure in the early hours of dawn, the interruption of sleep and their resentment of repeated promises from governments and the National Oil Corporation to address environmental pollution caused by oil extraction, which caused injuries and deformation cases.