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GNA Foreign Minister: We need to secure our southern border from immigration.

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Tripoli, 4 December (Lana) GNA Foreign Minister Najla Al-Mangoush said that “in order to stop the flow of migration through Libya, we need to secure the southern border of our country."

  "The problem of migrants is very complex, and I tell other countries not to transfer the problem to Libya, and not to point fingers at us as a country that violates human rights," Al Mangoush said in an online interview with the Mediterranean Dialogues forum in Rome, Italy, on Friday.

"We are tired of talking about superficial solutions only," she said, adding that "there are also victims among immigrants on the English Channel." "If other countries, among the most stable in the world, fail to prevent the flow of migrants, how can Libya succeed?" she asked. "Libya is not a final destination for migrants, we are a transit country, and sometimes migrants come from more peaceful countries than our country, however, they know the situation in which they find themselves with us," she said.

"There has been talk of how much money should be given to Libya to stop irregular migration, but this has not helped in the past, and will not help in the future... Instead, we need to stop migrants on the southern border, out of respect for human rights, Al Mangoush told the Forum. We lack the techniques to control them because of the difficulty of controlling thousands of kilometers in the desert bordering Chad. she added."