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Sunaallah discusses in Algeria the resumption of the Algerian oil company "Sonatrach" activity in Libya.

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Algeria, May 5, 2021 (LANA) - Head of the National Oil Corporation, "Mustafa Sunaallah", discussed yesterday in Algiers, with the President and General Manager of Sonatrach ‘’Rachid Hachishi’’, ways of joint cooperation, which would help in the resumption of Sonatrach to practice its activity in Libya, and to strengthen common oil relations.

According to the National Oil Corporation, Sunaallah briefed the Algerian side on the corporation’s plans to increase oil and gas production in Libya, and called on the Algerian side to contribute to the implementation of this plan.

The National Oil Corporation said that "exploratory drilling results were discussed in detail in the contracting areas" 065 "and" 96/95 "in the Ghadames Basin, and final touches were put in place to prepare development plans to put them on production.

For his part, Hachishi stressed the importance of joint cooperation and Sonatrach's aspiration to strengthen cooperation and expand the base of work in Libya, as the two parties agreed to form a joint working group to study common points of interest and opportunities in the field of oil and gas, provided that Sonatrach will accelerate the measures necessary to accelerate the resumption of its activities in Libya.