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Seizure of large quantity of narcotics at Libyan, Tunisian, and Algerian borders.

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Tripoli, 7 February 2021 (Lana) - In cooperation with the Land Borders Department at the Customs Authority, the General Administration for Narcotics Control Branch, Nalut, managed to seize a large quantity of narcotics at the Libyan, Tunisian, and Algerian borders.  

The Ministry of Interior stated in a post on its official Facebook page that the security services in Nalut managed to seize a brown Toyota Chrysler vehicle with a large amount of narcotics, estimated at about one million and eighty thousand tablets, intended for smuggling driven by smugglers of Algerian nationality.

It indicated that the operation took place after a chase for the two vehicles and an exchange of fire with light weapons on the Libyan-Tunisian-Algerian border. The Ministry confirmed that the security services in the region are continuing their investigations into the incident.