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Supreme Council of State meets with FAO delegation.

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Tripoli, June 14, 2024 (LANA) - The Services Committee, of the Supreme Council of State met with a delegation of international experts affiliated with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, with the participation of representatives of the Legal Committee, the Economic Committee, and the Director of the Council’s International Cooperation Department.

The meeting was attended by a government team of experts in the state sectors concerned with food security, and experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Marine Wealth, the Ministry of Economy, agencies concerned with agricultural mapping, Academic research bodies, union institutions and civil society organizations concerned with agricultural development.

According to the media office of the Supreme Council of State on Friday, the meeting aims to consult on the outcomes of the work of governmental and international teams to assess the state of food security in Libya and identify the gaps that may affect the drawing up of a national strategy concerned with sustainable agricultural development and achieving its main objectives.

It was agreed to enhance cooperation with the strategy preparation team supervised by the National Council for Economic and Social Development, and to collect all data and information that will help international expertise in assessing the basic elements of food security in Libya. It was also agreed to contribute to improving the quality of issuing policies, legislation and laws that promote the establishment of a general framework for the strategy, and the creation of programs that are compatible with applicable laws and national development aspirations.