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Trabelsi discusses with his Tunisian counterpart joint security cooperation between the two countries and the reopening of the Ras Ijdir border crossing.

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Tripoli, June 12, 2024 (LANA) - The Minister of the Interior in charge of the National Unity Government, “Imad Trabelsi,” discussed today, Wednesday, with his Tunisian counterpart, “Khaled Al-Nouri,” joint security cooperation between the two countries, and the reopening of the Ras Ijdir border crossing for humanitarian, urgent and emergency cases, and for diplomacy and overcoming difficulties.

The Ministry's media office stated that the Minister-designate of the Interior indicated during the meeting that there are some difficulties facing the movement of passengers between the two countries, especially in the problem of similarity of names, which requires developing joint solutions for it and combating all negative phenomena and smuggling in a way that achieves the common interest between the two brotherly countries.

He explained that the Ras Ijdir border crossing is subject to maintenance, equipment, provision of operational and security needs, and its management by the competent agencies of the Ministry of Interior and the relevant authorities in the Libyan state, in a way that raises the level of work in accordance with international standards for international crossings.

He stressed that work is continuing by the Ministry's security services to secure the entire western border of the country and combat crime in all its forms and the phenomenon of illegal immigration.

For his part, Khaled Al-Nouri explained that the Tunisian side seeks to enhance cooperation with the Libyan side and work to overcome all difficulties facing the movement of passengers and transportation through the border crossings between the two countries.

The meeting was attended, according to the media office, by the acting head of the Passports and Nationality Department, the directors of the Office of the Minister of the Interior, the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, the Department of Traffic and Licensing Affairs, the Department of Administrative Affairs, the Customs Department, the security of the Ras Ijdir border crossing, and the official spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, and the high-level delegation accompanying the Tunisian Minister of Interior.

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