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LANA: Course in the arts of writing press reports concluded.

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     Tripoli, May 25, 2024 (LANA) - A training course in the arts of writing a press report, organized by the Libyan News Agency ''LANA'' at its training center in Tripoli, concluded this afternoon, which lasted ten days.

     The course focused on developing the skills of trained journalists on the types of press reporting, highlighting its aspects, how to collect information, animate characters, and the narrative methods used.

     The trainees underwent a field exercise during which they wrote a lengthy report on the 50th edition of the Tripoli International Fair, which was published by the Libyan newspaper Al-Anbaa in its weekly issue issued last Wednesday.

     Training and International Relations Advisor Ali Dalali said, that this course is the beginning of putting the journalist on the long road to working in the profession of trouble-makers, and he thanked the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Director of the Libyan News Agency for providing the opportunity for male and female journalists in the agency to develop their skills.

     He also saluted the efforts of the Board of Directors and the General Director to build two training centers in Tripoli and Benghazi and equip them with the necessary equipment, which is a precedent in the Libyan News Agency since its founding sixty years ago.

     The training advisor assigned the trainees and trainees to prepare field reports on the parallel market, fish resources, small projects, care homes, and methods of marketing agricultural production, stressing that the delivery of course certificates depends on success in writing these reports.

  its noteworthy that, 11 male and female trainees from the Libyan News Agency and three trainees from the Medical Specialties Council participated in this course.