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Al-Kilani meets with a delegation of Arab League experts to prepare for the Libyan classification of disability.

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Tripoli, May 02, 2024 (LANA) - The Minister of Social Affairs of the Government of National Unity, Wafa Boubakar Kilani, met today, Thursday, with a delegation of Arab League experts to prepare for the Libyan classification of disability.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Al-Kilani said during the reception of the delegation that the Ministry is seeking, within its plan, to prepare for the Libyan classification of disability to complement initiatives to support the rights of persons with disabilities.

She added that we are working on developing a road map to develop a new model for classifying and evaluating disability, in addition moving to a comprehensive classification of disability in Libya, with the participation of an elite group of policy makers and civil society organizations specialized in the field of disability in Libya, to be with us at the forefront of this process, and that the results of the work of this project will be presented to the Supreme Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Regarding the Libyan experience in the field of supporting and caring for people with disabilities, the Ministry’s social expert, Dr. Ali Faraj, confirmed that Libya is one of the first countries to ratify international agreements concerned with supporting the rights of people with disabilities and empowering them in society in terms of job opportunities and social rights. He pointed out that Libya is interested in People with disabilities in various fields, whether educational, health, sports, etc., and that there are diligent efforts being made in this field within the implementation of the Welfare Law, including the employment of people with disabilities in all sectors of the state, whether public or private.

The Chairman of the Social Solidarity Fund Management Committee, Mustafa Al-Juaibi, reviewed the Fund’s efforts to provide benefits and rights to people with disabilities and statistics related to them, and that electronic services will soon be launched for them within the Ministry’s vision to digitize services in the sector to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities, including information platforms and a smart card for the category of people with disabilities that are in line with Harmonizing legislation related to people with disabilities and the requirements of the times to integrate them into society.

For her part, Dr. Dina Omar, an expert in social protection systems and health care systems, explained that one of the goals of creating a unified classification for assessing disability in Libya is to know the needs of people with disabilities, each according to the degree and nature of their disability ... noting that this is discovered through the evaluation mechanisms developed after... The majority of Arab countries were satisfied with medical evaluation only.