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Al-Sunni affirms that Libya still maintains its position regarding the just cause of the Palestinian people.

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New York, April 19, 2024 (LANA) - Libya’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Al-Tahir Al-Sunni, affirmed that Libya was, and will continue to be in its position regarding the just cause of the Palestinian people, their right to self-determination, the return of refugees, and the establishment of their independent state with Holy Jerusalem as its capital.

He said in his speech before the UN Security Council during a session discussing a Palestinian application for full membership in the United Nations. Libya does not allow condemning the resistance of the Palestinian people and trying to describe them as terrorists at a time when Israeli and far-right terrorism are silent and justified under the pretext of self-defense.

He added that the State of Palestine has met all the conditions for full membership in the United Nations, and that the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state is a natural, historical and legal right mandated by international law and international humanitarian law.

He said that the Israeli occupation also described this council as a multilateral supporter of terrorism, forgetting that it is the same council that granted its entity full membership in 1948, which we and many countries around the world consider to be nominal membership. Because it is, in fact, morally deficient membership in the atrocities committed by the occupation over seven decades.

  Al-Sunni continued, “If this entity does not recognize this organization, then it must withdraw from it. So why does it talk to us and participate in these sessions unless it recognizes it?”

He pointed out that the decision submitted by Algeria on behalf of the Arab and Islamic countries regarding granting Palestine full membership in the United Nations comes at a time when 140 countries around the world recognize the State of Palestine, meaning approximately 75 percent of the world’s population.

He added, “For those who are still maneuvering and trying to twist the facts, we repeat that it is not possible to reduce the current crisis to the date of October 7, and to forget the violations and massacres that were committed for more than seven decades in all of the occupied territories.

  Al-Sunni confirmed that Libya adds its voice to the Arab group in its request to activate Chapter Seven and intervene to impose a ceasefire and bring in humanitarian aid immediately, adding that we know that this will not happen in a time of double standards.

Al-Sunni said in conclusion, I address our brothers in Palestine and our people in Gaza that Libya is with you and that what we are doing today is the least possible in response to your sacrifices. It is an attempt on our part to awaken those who are in their slumber because, like you, we have lost confidence in the international community, calling on the countries of the world to convey to their people that the human conscience is still alive, and it will stand in the face of this aggression against Palestine and all of humanity.