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The ambassadors of France and Britain affirm their countries' commitment to Libya's unity, stability and sovereignty.

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Tripoli, April 17, 2024 (LANA) - The French and British ambassadors to Libya, Mustafa Maharaj and Martin Longden, expressed their countries’ commitment to Libya’s unity, stability and sovereignty.

This came in a statement issued by the French Embassy in Libya, on Tuesday evening, on the occasion of the two countries’ embassies celebrating the 120th anniversary of the friendly reconciliation between the two countries.

  In its statement, the French Embassy considered this celebration a reminder that the Entente Cordiale is not just a document signed 120 years ago, but rather it is, above all, a pact of friendship that can be an example to the enemy brothers today in Libya and elsewhere.

The statement said that the “Entente Cordiale” treaty concluded by France and Britain in 1904 is considered “a pact of friendship that can be an example to today’s warring brothers in Libya.”

According to the statement, the celebration was an opportunity to emphasize that the two countries have many commonalities, their responsibility for global peace and security, facing the challenges of global issues and new technologies, and cooperation in all fields, indicating that the “Entente Cordiale” is a group of agreements signed between Britain and France, After settling a number of colonial disputes between them, under which France was freed in Morocco and England in Egypt, with the two countries recognizing Spain's right to the northwestern coast of Marrakesh.