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Al-Sunni: Any initiatives presented must be effective and practical and can be implemented within a specific timetable

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New York, April 17, 2024 (LANA) - Libya’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, “Taher Muhammad Al-Sunni,” stressed that any initiatives presented must be effective and practical that can be implemented and on a specific timetable, aiming to reach agreement on the controversial and outstanding points in order to hold transparent, and fair elections with fair laws that can be applied and whose results are respected by everyone, in order to end the fragile transitional stages and build unified state, legislative and executive institutions, that derive their legitimacy from the people.

      Al-Sunni said in his speech yesterday, Tuesday, before the Security Council: More than thirteen years have passed since my country was placed under Chapter Seven, and nearly nine envoys have passed by us, and the question that is always on the minds of Libyans is: How long will this situation continue? What can the Security Council do after its inability throughout these years to end its division and stop direct and indirect interference in the country, which has worsened till we have reached where we are today?

     He explained that the Libyan people, who are following the Security Council sessions, have come to know in advance that nothing new will result from them, except for some repeated statements, and the continuation of the political wrestling arena, then waiting for the next session and the next, which unfortunately will not differ from the previous ones, because the decisions that are issued do not It is implemented, and because obstructionists will not be detected locally or internationally and will not be held accountable.

     Al-Sunni pointed out that the time has come to lift Libya from Chapter Seven and end the series of sanctions, because there is no point or meaning for it to remain in this state, adding that perhaps then we will find for ourselves and on our own a way out of this crisis, and we can, with the determination of our children, end the foreign presence on our land.