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Al-Sunni: National reconciliation is the most important step that will put Libyans on the right path to a comprehensive solution.

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New York, April 17, 2024 (LANA) - Libya’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, “Taher Muhammad al-Sunni,” said that the most important step that will put the Libyans on the right track for a comprehensive solution is national reconciliation, rebuilding confidence, and reforming the social fabric, because without that, it is not possible to reach a solution, a true consensus, and all political solutions presented will remain fragile and incomplete, and we have the best example in previous experiences.

      Al-Sunni stressed in his speech yesterday, Tuesday, before the Security Council, that the path of national reconciliation has not been given sufficient attention during the past years, because efforts were focused on creating multiple, parallel paths that do not meet, and there is no solid ground or base on which to build. In our view, this rule is national reconciliation.

     He added that the path of reconciliation is long and arduous, but through it we can begin by agreeing on a societal contract and a basis for building trust among everyone, to be synonymous with and supportive of the political and other paths.

    He called on everyone to support the efforts of the Presidential Council, the African Union and the United Nations, in order to make this important national entitlement a success, which still faces challenges, taking into account the concerns of all Libyan parties with all their political orientations and affiliations, so that the path of reconciliation becomes the base through which all faltering paths can be supported. Other political, military, security, and economic issues, leading to the elections that the Libyan people are looking forward to.