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Restoring the electrical supply to the eastern field in the Al-Hasawneh.

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  Tripoli, April 13, 2024 (LANA) - The Chairman of the Administrative Committee of the Man-Made River Authority reported that there had been a disconnection of the electrical supply at the Qamra 2 station in the Eastern Field in the Al-Hasawna Wells field area for the Man-Made River.

He explained that after the electrical disconnection, communication was made with the General Electricity Company to recharge the station, as the operating teams began the operational procedures for charging the substations, in order to maintain water levels in the central route to supply the capital, Tripoli.

He revealed a reduction in the water supply on the eastern route feeding the coastal areas extending from Misrata to Al-Qarboulli until the wells are fully restarted, and will return to normal tomorrow with the completion of the operation of the well fields, stressing that the supply will return to its normal levels tomorrow.