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Reopening the Russian Embassy in Tripoli.

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Tripoli, 24 February 2024 (Lana) Russia reopened its Embassy in Tripoli on Thursday. After 7 months, the accreditation of the Russian Ambassador to Libya, Aydar Aghanin, was approved by the Presidential Council.

The reopening ceremony was attended by the First Deputy President of the High Council of State and Chairman of the Libyan-Russian Communication Committee, Dr. Masoud Obaid, accompanied by members of the Council, Dr. Hana Al-Arfi and Professor Ahlam Alwa, and the Chairman of the Joint Libyan-Russian Committee, the GNU Minister of Oil, Mohamed Aoun, and the GNU Minister of Culture, Mabrouka Toghi, a number of Libyan officials, and some Arab ambassadors.

According to the communication office of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, in his speech at the ceremony, Aoun stressed the depth of the relationship between the two countries, which was established in 1955, indicating that the reopening of the Russian Embassy is an important step that will strengthen the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries and that it is a strong message to the international community that Libya has become more stable and secure and that the GNU will provide all services to facilitate the work of the Russian diplomatic mission.

As Chairman of the Joint Libyan-Russian Committee, Aoun stressed that joint cooperation in the area of energy, oil, and gas is one of the most important aspects of cooperation between the two countries, commending the Russian Ambassador’s announcement in his remarks to open the consular section soon, as well as confirming the work to activate agreements concluded between the two countries.

For his part, Aghanin stressed the depth of the strong relationship between the two countries and the continuation of joint cooperation that serves the two countries.

“We consider today an important day in the relationship between Russia and Libya, and that cooperation between the two countries is entering a new era, and on September 25, 2025, the Russian embassy will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Libyan-Russian relations,” Aghanin said.

“Diplomacy is the best means of communication and dialogue between the countries to reach stability and common understanding, and peace and development are not options but a definite necessity,” he added.

The Russian ambassador stated that the embassy is about to open a general consulate in Benghazi this year.