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Batili praises the spirit of perseverance shown by the Libyans for change.

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Tripoli, February 17, 2024 (LANA) - The UN envoy to Libya, Abdullah Batili, today, Saturday, praised the spirit of determination and steadfast perseverance shown by the Libyan people in their peaceful pursuit of change and reaching  peace and stability.

Batili said in a statement on the occasion of the thirteenth anniversary of the February 17 Revolution, “As we commemorate this anniversary today, all Libyan leaders must acknowledge the daily suffering faced by their citizens and work to achieve their aspirations.”

He added that the continuation of the current situation constitutes a major threat to the unity of Libya, and that the fragility of national institutions and deep divisions within the state entail serious risks to the stability of the country.

Batili stressed the need for Libyan leaders to bear their responsibility and for their decisions and actions to be subject to accountability, as they directly affect the lives of the Libyan people. He called on them to come together on a unified word in order to settle all politically disputed issues and agree on a way to move forward towards building a strong and united Libya.

Batili said that the Libyan people have waited long enough and cannot accept further delay in forming a unified government that unites all regions, east, west and south, to restore cohesion to the social fabric, revive the economy, and restore the nation’s sovereignty and dignity.

The UN envoy reiterated the commitment of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya to stand alongside the Libyan people in their quest to achieve peace and justice, establish legitimate institutions, and adopt comprehensive good governance for all.