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The Libyan National Security Advisor presents proposals to Batili to end the political stalemate and demands the inclusion of new parties in the negotiations.

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Benghazi, February 13, 2024 (LANA) - The Libyan National Security Council presented its proposals to the UN envoy to Libya, “Abdallah Batili,” with the aim of ending the current political stalemate in the country and working to achieve stability.

   This came in a book submitted by the Libyan National Security Advisor, Ibrahim Bushnaf, to the UN envoy, in which he expressed his deep concern about the continuing political stalemate and its negative impact on the situation in the country.

In the book, a copy of which was obtained by the Libyan News Agency, Bushnaf praised the efforts of the UN mission, but he pointed out that the results of these efforts did not appear clearly and tangible, expressing his appreciation for the difficulties facing the mission, whether internal or external.

In his book, Bushnaf proposed expanding the political dialogue by including the parties considered in the Skhirat Agreement, in addition to the Supreme Judicial Council, a representative of the General Syndicate of Lawyers, a representative of each municipal council, and the president of the University of Tripoli, in addition to the universities of Asmariya, Misrata, Benghazi, Omar Al-Mukhtar, and Senusiya, as well as the deans of the faculties of economics, political science, and law of those universities.

He pointed out the importance of forming a single government that imposes its sovereignty over all regions of the country, in order to hold a referendum on the constitution and hold parliamentary and presidential elections within just one year.

The Libyan National Security Adviser stressed the need to pay attention to the constitutional issue through a working team of international experts and cooperate with the Constitutional Authority to make the necessary amendments, stressing the importance of taking practical steps to achieve security, stability and reconciliation.

  Counselor Bushnaf expressed the readiness of the National Security Council to cooperate and provide support to achieve these goals and establish sustainable relations with all parties to the conflict, stressing the role of the UN mission in achieving communication and enhancing understanding between political parties, based on its experience in finding practical solutions to conflicts and crises.

  At the conclusion of his book, the Libyan National Security Advisor, Ibrahim Bushnaf, called for protecting Libyan investments outside the country and freezing them until a government that represents all Libyans is formed, denouncing the violations affecting Libyan funds abroad as illegal.